6 Things I’m Thinking About

Read on for more about great things happening in the publishing industry and insights into immigration in America.

  1. I heard about this over the summer as a publishing intern, but I am so happy to see more coverage on the partnership between the National Education Association Foundation, children’s publishing house Lee & Low Books, and the nonprofit First Books to bring diverse books to low income adolescents. Books are finally going to kids would benefit from the affirming mirrors most.
  2. The New York Times wrote an extremely thought-provoking feature on Hazleton, PA, a “city built by immigrants” and how it might be affected by this year’s election.
  3. Mexican American author Guadalupe García McCall discusses about “The History That’s Not in Textbooks,” from the LEE & LOW blog. I had the opportunity to read her novel Shame the Stars and highly recommend it!
  4. This tweet speaks for itself:

  5. In the past few weeks, Latinos in Publishing has officially kicked off and is starting to effect tremendous progress in pushing for diversity in publishing, at all levels!
  6. If you read my last post on inclusivity at book festivals, it’s worth visiting this NPR article on Pura Belpré, the inspiring librarian who showed young Puerto Rican Americans in New York that the world of storytelling belongs to them, too. 

Source: NPR

I hope this leaves you with some Friday inspiration! How are you opening up the world of words and books this weekend?


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