6 Things I’m Thinking About

A rare Saturday edition! My apologies for the late post. (Midterms are hitting hard.) Rest assured that every Friday hereafter, you can look forward to 6 things  🙂 Now, onward to discussing the multidimensional immigrant experience, first gen/immigrant students at school, and YA!

    1. This a reminder of why I started this blog! A compilation of immigration stories, from Latino NPR reporters’ families, shows that there is no single immigration story. They’re multidimensional and should be celebrated and appreciated in their nuance.
    2. More from NPR, how we teach English Language Learners. Not an exhaustive article, but still an illuminating read both for teachers in the classroom and for people outside of education.
    3. Supplementary reading: I recently wrote an article for my school’s arts & culture magazine on American Born Chinese, the ten year old graphic novel that opened up the possibility for first gen Asian Americans to appear in literature. Isn’t the artwork stunning?


      Source: Artwork by Michelle Ng, for Post- Magazine.

    4. Have you been keeping up with these Filipino American History Month tweets? I look forward to them every day.
  1. But has grit really even left YA? The New York Times follows the shifting of this dynamic genre.
  2. Need some inspiration and perspective? (Midterms aren’t exactly making my life better, either.) Buzzfeed collected these powerful quotes about the immigrant experience. Which one is your favorite? I’m fond of this one:

“It's said you can never go home again, and it's true enough, of course. But the opposite is also true. You must go back, and you always go back, and you can never stop going back, no matter how hard you try..jpg

Hope you’re off to a wonderful weekend!


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