6 Things I’m Thinking About 12/03

Read ahead for 6 thoughts on racism in education and bilingual language learning. In addition, educators and artists speak about the current state of American politics.

  1. Continuing this discussion about how lack of representation in publishing can harm children, The Atlantic’s article on “How Racism Contributes to the Achievement Gap” addresses some painful truths about the psychological damage of racism in the education space. grwaoi9eioq-delfi-de-la-rua.jpg
  2. I was moved by this op-ed on the power of bilingualism, from author Héctor Tobar: “For Latino immigrant children, Spanish is the key that unlocks the untranslatable wisdom of their elders, and that reveals the subtle truths in their family histories… And they are more likely to see the absurdity in the rants of xenophobes and racists.”
  3. Furthermore, bilingualism benefits everyone, not just English Language Learners. The Hechinger Report finds that the benefits extend to young Black students, too.
  4. From Chalkbeat: Three undocumented teachers, fueled by passion to open doors for all students through education, talk about the implications of the presidential election.
  5. Read the Declaration in Support of Children on The Brown Bookshelf. Hundreds of authors and illustrators signed affirming their dedication to use their art and expression to act against the bigotry that has been given a platform in the United States. I’m inspired to be a (small) part of this community of activists and artists.
  6. Black Friday is a big deal in my thrifty family. If you found amazing sales this past week, would you consider donating some of your savings to the We Need Diverse Books fundraiser? As I outline in the previous posts this past week, the work that WNDB does is not only important, but effective and achieves actionable results.

Have a wonderful weekend! Get ready for an exciting new book review next week… 🙂


One thought on “6 Things I’m Thinking About 12/03

  1. What an excellent round of articles! The Declaration in Support of Children was powerful and it was encouraging to see so many people sign on. Let’s hope they follow-up their words with actions as well.

    I’m looking forward to your next book review! 🙂

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