6 Organizations Working to Protect Immigrant Rights in 2017

In lieu of my usual Friday link roundup: Some resources to help you consider what you would like to do to move forward and get involved after Inauguration Day.


6 Things Inauguration.jpg

As an American, heartbroken and infuriated that bigotry was given a platform in my country, I’ve been asking myself: “What do I want my activism to look like in 2017?” I wondered aloud to a friend, who answered, “Me? I’m not an activist. At least, I don’t think activism is anything exceptional. It’s how we should be behaving as human beings every day.”

And her words have echoed with me ever since. So whether you are a diverse book blogger, working in the publishing industry, a volunteer, a teacher, an artist; whether you are working directly or indirectly to do good, there is always something you can be doing to enact positive changes. We can all be active, be intentional, and run like the devil away from apathy. And this counts for after January 20, 2017, and beyond.

And so my message to you is this: Whether you donate money, donate time, organize, create art, practice bystander intervention, or educate yourself, show love how you can. The world can only benefit by it.

And now, as promised, some organizations that could inspire your everyday activism:


The American Civil Liberties Union – Since 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union has been vocal about protecting the injustices against civil rights for all Americans, including its work in the 1940s to denounce Japanese internment. I’m confident in this organization’s ability to fight the legal battles we may need in the near future. You may also donate if you wish/have the means.

The Southern Poverty Law Center – An absolute life-saver for me post-election. Their resources and articles discuss actionable steps to take as a citizen.

The SPLC also put together a fantastic, thorough guide to responding to everyday bigotry. Do not discount the importance of your voice, your direct individual actions.


For more immigration-specific organizations and resources, see my past “Read, Heal Work” post here.

The National Immigration Law Center – The NILC is committed specifically to defending the rights of low-income immigrants. Educate yourself on the issues, or if you have the means, make a donation at their website.

The Young Center – The Young Center is committed to protecting the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children, a group that is largely invisible in political debate. Learn more or donate at their website.

Planned Parenthood – 60% of low-income, non-citizen immigrant women of reproductive age lack health insurance, limiting access to preventative health care and resulting in poorer health outcomes than US-born women. Planned Parenthood, while not specifically working in immigrant rights, has been vocal in demanding health equity for immigrants. It provides health care, preventative care, and screenings that would otherwise have been inaccessible for low-income women. Keeping Planned Parenthood’s doors open to underserved families is more vital than ever.

I have faith in us, as a global community, to uplift one another and be unrelenting champions of justice, each in our own way. Wishing you peace this weekend.


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