Onto new (and more intrepid) adventures

See you next time.png

I am so inept at goodbyes.

At my college graduation, I would literally run away from people to avoid goodbyes. Not that I disliked anyone – the people I spent time with in college are admirable, kind, and bright. But I couldn’t accept that we were all going our separate ways, and I didn’t want to seal our relationship with finality. Veering suddenly away from someone to hide behind a pillar, my graduation robe billowing behind me, I stubbornly willed our story to continue.

Intrepid YA has been the surprise joy of this past year. It started out as an idea when I couldn’t bear to part with my work at an amazing summer internship. In the fall, after convincing professors that inclusive representation in children’s books was indeed worth scholarly attention, it became part of a senior capstone. Yet the best part was that this blog introduced me to a small but fierce community of book lovers, champions of diverse stories, artists, and truly radiant human beings this blog led me to.

The best part of this was you.

In the past month, I graduated college, moved to a new city, and started a new job. Everything is uncertain and scintillating. And I think, at this point of transition, it’s time to bid farewell to a presence that has given me so much life in the past year.

A month out from graduation, I’m latently realizing the bright side of parting. It means making space on the Internet for new voices. For teenagers whose energy and passion are the reason why YA exists. And it means letting myself more fully embrace this new beginning in my life.

I’m already working on a new blog, one that documents not only the books I read, but other things that excite and inspire me – art, culture, food, city life, and *sharp intake of breath* the curiosity of adulting.

So continue to follow the story on Twitter at @lapiaenrose, if you wish. In any case, I peek behind my pillar to say: See you next time, all. Thank you, and I hope you fall in love with books and life from here on out 🙂


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